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Superwoman crashes ... but she's okay

January 13th, 2007 at 03:10 pm

There are some very smart people posting here. Unfortunately Iím one of those people who are a little slow to see the light. Could I actually be doing something wrong? Moi? Well, I still plan to be proactive on the credit card front. What Chase is doing by raising interest rates drastically on customers who have been diligently paying on time is wrong. Itís just wrong. And the homeownerís insurance situation is just ludicrous as is our current health insurance dilemma. My plan here is to let my voice be heard and not just once. I will stay on top of these issues even though Iím quite confident my single voice wonít make much of a difference. Perhaps enough people will feel the same way I do and continually contact all their elected officials.

The increase in my home ownerís insurance and the increase in the credit card finance charge should not be enough to send me into a tail spin. I obviously was in a tail spin before itís just now I see the ground rapidly approaching. I have two choices: crash or pull back on the throttle. The choice would seem obvious but nonetheless it is hard. Pulling back on that throttle means bringing my income and expenses into line. That means sacrificing things Iíve grown accustomed to and some things Iíve grown so accustomed to that it may be a shock to even consider going without them. Iím sure it will take days to build this list. Iíll carry a piece of paper with me for the next 7 days and write down everything that comes to mind and next Saturday I will start carving. It also means sacrificing non-tangible things like free time and sleep. Hopefully it wonít last the rest of my life and hopefully I can teach my children to be more responsible. I think LuckyRobin was correct in that sacrifice builds character. What good am I doing for my boys if I send them off clueless about finances? I think true love would be preparing them so they donít face the day to day worries I face. When I was a child household finances were something you just didnít talk about. Itís time to break the ignorance is bliss cycle and produce a financial savvy generation. That will be hard too. To let my boys see that Iím not superwoman will be a blow to my ego (just another sacrifice).

6 Responses to “Superwoman crashes ... but she's okay”

  1. pjmama Says:

    Good for you, Wonderwoman! Taking a new perspective is always refreshing.

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    But better to teach them that Mom is human and makes mistakes and is honest enough to admit them, face them and make a good hard effort toward correcting herself no matter how far down the wrong road she's gone!

    I'm so proud of you. It can't be easy to admit it. I know the Hubster and I had a hard time admitting to ourselves some of the dumb financial mistakes we have made over time, but there comes a time to face the music and change the tune.

    You can do this!!! We'll help where we can.

    One of the things lots of us have had to cut out is the cable bill. We haven't yet, but it's right there on the 'needing to do it' line. If it were just me I'd of done it about two years ago - The Hubster has been resisting this move, but it may soon come to that. In yesterday's mail was an increase in the house taxes for next year. Sigh!

    Hang tuff. You are right - there ARE people here with good advice!

  3. boomeyers Says:

    Oh yes, the dumb financial mistakes. Still making them, just tryingn not to make them as frequently! You are not alone Supermom!! That is wonderful that you are taking a look at what might be able to be cut out of the budget. Maybe there are many things you find that won't be that painful at all! Good luck and keep us posted!

  4. The Dollar Diva Says:

    Thank you for your support and advice. The cable is definitely on the chopping block. I'll miss my HGTV (gee I love that station.)

  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    I miss Court TV most of all, which surprises me. I'd have it on for company at night, as I really love those Forensic crime shows and I could do my click-thrus and PTR's and listen with half my attention. But I got used to it pretty fast. I was really surprised. This month I am having my first grumbles since we cut cable in July as American Idol starts. I have to remind myself I have only watched it for 2 years and I did without the first few seasons, I can do without now.

  6. The Dollar Diva Says:

    I like court TV too but I had to stop watching it because I was scared to go to sleep when I was alone.

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